Licensed Nail Technician

Report to:

Executive Director

Professional Objectives:

To Perform all spa services according to the spa Rituals and Protocols guaranteeing the guest the ultimate spa experience. Must be skilled at Manicures and Pedicures.

Skills required:

  • Exceptional human relations, communication, service and sales skills.
  • Must be professional, energetic, enthusiastic, co-operative and have a friendly disposition at all times.
  • Must be punctual and reliable.
  • Have an aptitude to work in a very busy environment including phones, clients and staff as needed.
  • Computer proficient.
  • Must be willing to attend all mandatory trainings to further spa skills.
  • Consistent attention to detail in delivering the The Adagio Day Spa experience.
  • Must be a team player with the ability to multi-task.
  • The desire to be of service in line with the Adagio Day Spa philosophy of service as an honor.
  • Ability to multi-task and maintain grace while under pressure.
  • Must have knowledge of spa services and products offered at The Adagio Day Spa.

Main responsibilities:

  • Quality: Provide the highest quality courteous and positive interaction with clients and team members and welcome all visitors with a sincere smile and treat each client as our valued guest. Always acknowledge the presence of a client, show the person that you are aware of their presence. Enquire about their requirements asking pertinent questions to define the client's needs. Eating or drinking at the front desk is not permitted; doing so will detract from the image of the individual and that of The Adagio Day Spa .
  • Telephone Protocol: A telephone call is the first points of contact potential guests have with The Adagio Day Spa. Efficient and effective communication with potential guests is of utmost importance. The Front Desk Receptionist shall aim to answer incoming calls within three rings, greeting clients in a warm, pleasant and courteously professional manner while answering enquiries, scheduling appointments and when calling to confirm client appointments.
  • Computer systems : Learn and become proficient on the computer system. Learn all The Adagio Day Spa services to ensure efficient and effective booking for all inquiries and scheduling of client experiences.
  • Policies & Procedures : Be fully versed in The Adagio Day Spa 's policies and procedures and adhere to them for staffing, client handling, opening and closing, refunds and returns, and other financial aspects.
  • Financial responsibilities : Daily balancing of the cash register. If you are unable to balance, ask for assistance from the Director - this should be the exception and not the rule. Collect payment for services and product sales. Ensure adequate change for operations. Be responsible for the safe keeping of all cash, cheque, credit and debit slips, etc. cash shortage could result in dismissal.
  • Uniform: Excellent appearance and uniform in line with established standards.
  • Health History Form : All new clients must complete and sign the Health History form, check they are completed correctly. Note how the client heard about us. The Health History Form must to be pulled prior to their service. Collect the previous day's Health History Forms and client files ensure correct filing of them.
  • Appointments: Inform all Aestheticians and Therapists of changes to their schedules be it a cancellation or an additional treatment booked between scheduled appointments. Ensure appointments are recorded on the computer system. Print out all treatment schedules for the next day; pullout the appropriate client files.
  • Client Grievances: Inform the Director of Guest Services and the Director of Operations of client grievances. Handle client complaints, provide client satisfaction, and assure them you will bring the issue to the Director of Operation's attention. If a Director is unavailable, deal with problems in a courteous manner. If you or the treatment provider is unable to resolve the issue, inform the client that a Director will contact them as soon as possible. A Client Service Recovery / Incident Report should be completed to ensure that the problem is followed-up and resolved.
  • Spa Environment: Maintain cleanliness in The Adagio Day Spa, check the hospitality areas are neat and clean. Ensure that tea and water are plentiful and available to guests. Ensure that the set up of refreshments is clean and appealing. Keep books and magazines current and orderly, and pillows and chairs tidy. Perform spa checks hourly.
  • Retail : Actively participate in retail sales. Be proficient in all aspects of the The Adagio Day Spa's retail products. The Front Desk Receptionist must be aware of all promotions that are running within The Adagio Day Spa .
  • Records : All records, clients' names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, and client information etc., are the property of The Adagio Day Spa and must be treated with the greatest care and confidentiality.
  • Inventory / Operations : Maintain sufficient inventory and supplies for the smooth operation of the front desk and spa.
  • Team Participation: As a team member you are expected to arrive at work well rested and alert and be punctual at all times. You must check your mailbox daily.
  • Additional duties : During your employment other positions, duties and responsibilities may be assigned to you from time to time.

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Adagio Day Spa
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Parking is available at K Parking Garage.
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Adagio Day Spa
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Parking is available at K Parking Garage.
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