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An incredible business opportunity for someone who is passionate about the beauty industry, and wants to own a Day Spa.
This is more than your average salon/spa, this is a professionally run business with an impressive turnover of more them 500k a year, with potential to be increased by 30-50% if the new owner will be willing to work full time. It is a truly rare opportunity that this kind of business is open for sale. The owner is changing her career, and is looking to relocate to another state. This business comes with a $1,500 educational program called "How To Run A Successful Spa Business " by Dori Soukup, which will really help the new owner especially if they are a beginner.
Adagio Day Spa LLC was opened in April of 2003 by Anastasiya Monaco. Since 2003, the business has been constantly evolving. As of right now, they have a team of nine employees which are three massage therapists, two estheticians, two pedicurists, and two receptionists.
In 2013 Anastasiya took a seminar on "How To Create A Successful Spa Business" by one of the most educated women in the Spa industry, Dori Soukup. Dori Soukup is an author, global speaker, a business developer, a mastermind group leader, and the founder of InSPAration Management. This seminar helped Anastasiya to gain knowledge of effective systems, structure, strategies and solutions to implement in the spa .This brought a lots of insight on how to overcome all the struggles that a young business owner can face when you take a risk to open a business. As a result, Adagio Day Spa has been steadily growing every year, and as of right now it also has 4.5 stars on Yelp and Google, and is a debt free company.
Adagio philosophy is a commitment to using highly effective, natural, and organic products.
At Adagio Day Spa, our mission is to create:
  • a destination where all of our employees needs are met with respect and gratitude
  • a destination where all of our guests can receive the highest level of care
  • an environment to nurture the mind, body and spirit.
  • our team of highly trained professionals are dedicated in educating themselves and sharing the inspiration, information and tools to help our clients look and feel very best!

With all the inquirers about business please contact directly
Anastasiya Monaco

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