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Body Scrub

An Aromatic Cultural Journey inspired by 4 Iconic Regions of France. This treatment will instantly make your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. Choose your Wellness Escape.

Getaway to Provence
Exfoliante: Bamboo + Apricot
Actions: Detoxifying, Rebalancing, Calming
Essential oils: Lavender, Helychrysium, Petitgrain

A Walk in the Forest
Exfoliante: Salt, maximum intensity
Actions: Oxygenating, Revitalizing
Aroma oils: Cedar, Cypress

Corsican Delight
Scrub: sugar, medium intensity
Actions: Energizing, Rebalancing, Revitalizing
Aroma oils: Mandarin, Sweet Orange

Polynesian Journey
Scrub: sugar, medium intensity
Actions: Relaxing, Rebalancing, Exotic
Aroma oils: Jasmine, Tiara Flower

Treatment Steps:

  • manual aroma exfoliation
  • shower or hot towels
  • application of nourishing oils with aromatic concentrate of your choice


  • exfoliated skin
  • more beautiful skin
  • softer skin

60 min. $105   
Add Soft Pack for Extra Hydrating Treatment $135   

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